Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Those whose kids are trapped in grade school level government indoctrinations centers have been cutting out paper Pilgrim hats and Indian feathered headbands and get to enjoy all the Pilgrim-hatted turkey decorations. We hear all about the Pilgrim Puritans and their feast that they shared with the Indians. But what's the true story? As with all things Yankee, a spin to make the "betters" look better than their "lessers" is in full play with this myth.
Read Colonial Governor William Bradford's chronicle of the Plymouth Colony entitled, "Of Plimoth plantation." The Pilgrims were starving. They had adopted a socialist common pantry. But, as with all things socialist/communist, they failed to keep up with the needs of the people they purported to work for. By then, they had developed somewhat amicable relations with the local Indians who came to their rescue because common human decency would not watch another starve to death when help could be given. In thanksgiving to God, a feast was proclaimed. Thus the basis for our modern myth of the first American Thanksgiving was born.
Here's another truth: It was fourteen years after the first Thanksgiving meal by English colonists at Jamestown, Virginia who held the day of their safe arrival in 1607 as a "holy and perpetual day" of Thanksgiving to God as a part of the very Charter of the colony. If that is not enough, the Spanish colony at San Augustino (St. Augustine), Florida celebrated a communal meal with the Indians there in the 1540's. It, too,  was a Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving meals are truly a co-opted Southern institution.
You will likely hear about Abraham Lincoln's proclamation of a perpetual Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US. But he was not the first to make a Thanksgiving Day proclamation. George Washington, that first and finest of all Virginians was -- in 1789.  You see, in America, it is Southrons who are first to give thanks to God publicly and then Yankees imitate us (with one side of their mouths whilst they publicly deny God with the other side of it by their actions and policies in office) and take the credit due to our Southron peoples.
Nevertheless, we should not give up our Thanksgivings to God just because Yankees distort our history to their advantage. Indeed, we ought to make great efforts to reclaim this part of our heritage and live it out as a holy day and not just an excuse for a family meal. We should meditate on what we are thankful for quite extensively throughout the year, but especially at this time. I have many, many things to be thankful for myself, but one thing in particular comes to mind that I'd like to share.
Yesterday, a young man of school age in Indiana named Eddie was brought to my attention. He had brought his Confederate Battle Flag to school. As a result, he was called a racist, he was bullied, and another student tried to throw his flag in the trash. He was ordered to put it in his locker and keep it there. Rather than try to bully back or start an altercation, Eddie did the right thing. He sought out the help of a competent adult:
H. K. Edgerton, the former North Carolina chapter president of the NAACP who has taken to defending the heritage and history of Black Confederates.
H. K. sadly declined because he knows well and good that no one will accept him or what he has to say in Federally directed school systems. He applauded Eddie for his bravery and congratulated him for his strength of character. I thought something had to be done for this boy. As the owner of The Dixie Diarist, I could do something: give him some free Southron books in PDF format. I contacted Eddie through Facebook and told him how to get his free books.
This gave me an idea. I want to show my gratefulness to God for these young people who defend their Southern/Southron heritage with courage by giving them any three Dixie Diarist titles in PDF for free. So: if you know a young man or woman (under 18) who has character and bravery in the face of hertiage haters, contact me at and tell me their story or pass a link to their news story and any contact info you may have (email is preferred or a Facebook user name) and if I can get in touch with them, I will email them any three titles from The Dixie Diarist for free. The requirements are: they are under 18,  they cannot have retaliated with hate or violence, they cannot have incited racial tensions by intentional or wonton design, I need to be able to contact them and their parents have to be okay with the gift.
Please share this with any pro-Southron family or person you know.
Here is a Thanksgiving gift for you:
Thank you for your bravery, Eddie! And thank you, for yours, HK!
View HK Edgerton in action here:
Happy Thanksgiving Day to All from The Dixie Diarist!

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