Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Celtic Twilight and The Hound of Cullan

The Dixie Diarist is pleased to announce our reprints of two Celtic-themed books.

First is F. A. M. Webster's The Hound of Cullan, a Victorian-era retelling of the tale of Irish mythological hero, Cú Chulainn. Cú Chulainn was an ill-fated warrior who fought against the forces of the greedy Queen Maeve who stole an Ultonian prize cow.

The second is William Butler Yeats' timeless classic, "The Celtic Twilight," a book that has inspired countless Celtic descended story-tellers, poets and musicians. This book made Yeats an household word that is recognized even today, although few know why they know his name. Read this and find out why.

Just visit The Dixie Diarist's storefront at to see these and all our titles. Through the end of the year, everything print is 10% off, just so as to make shopping a little easier on the wallet for the upcoming holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US. Those whose kids are trapped in grade school level government indoctrinations centers have been cutting out paper Pilgrim hats and Indian feathered headbands and get to enjoy all the Pilgrim-hatted turkey decorations. We hear all about the Pilgrim Puritans and their feast that they shared with the Indians. But what's the true story? As with all things Yankee, a spin to make the "betters" look better than their "lessers" is in full play with this myth.
Read Colonial Governor William Bradford's chronicle of the Plymouth Colony entitled, "Of Plimoth plantation." The Pilgrims were starving. They had adopted a socialist common pantry. But, as with all things socialist/communist, they failed to keep up with the needs of the people they purported to work for. By then, they had developed somewhat amicable relations with the local Indians who came to their rescue because common human decency would not watch another starve to death when help could be given. In thanksgiving to God, a feast was proclaimed. Thus the basis for our modern myth of the first American Thanksgiving was born.
Here's another truth: It was fourteen years after the first Thanksgiving meal by English colonists at Jamestown, Virginia who held the day of their safe arrival in 1607 as a "holy and perpetual day" of Thanksgiving to God as a part of the very Charter of the colony. If that is not enough, the Spanish colony at San Augustino (St. Augustine), Florida celebrated a communal meal with the Indians there in the 1540's. It, too,  was a Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving meals are truly a co-opted Southern institution.
You will likely hear about Abraham Lincoln's proclamation of a perpetual Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US. But he was not the first to make a Thanksgiving Day proclamation. George Washington, that first and finest of all Virginians was -- in 1789.  You see, in America, it is Southrons who are first to give thanks to God publicly and then Yankees imitate us (with one side of their mouths whilst they publicly deny God with the other side of it by their actions and policies in office) and take the credit due to our Southron peoples.
Nevertheless, we should not give up our Thanksgivings to God just because Yankees distort our history to their advantage. Indeed, we ought to make great efforts to reclaim this part of our heritage and live it out as a holy day and not just an excuse for a family meal. We should meditate on what we are thankful for quite extensively throughout the year, but especially at this time. I have many, many things to be thankful for myself, but one thing in particular comes to mind that I'd like to share.
Yesterday, a young man of school age in Indiana named Eddie was brought to my attention. He had brought his Confederate Battle Flag to school. As a result, he was called a racist, he was bullied, and another student tried to throw his flag in the trash. He was ordered to put it in his locker and keep it there. Rather than try to bully back or start an altercation, Eddie did the right thing. He sought out the help of a competent adult:
H. K. Edgerton, the former North Carolina chapter president of the NAACP who has taken to defending the heritage and history of Black Confederates.
H. K. sadly declined because he knows well and good that no one will accept him or what he has to say in Federally directed school systems. He applauded Eddie for his bravery and congratulated him for his strength of character. I thought something had to be done for this boy. As the owner of The Dixie Diarist, I could do something: give him some free Southron books in PDF format. I contacted Eddie through Facebook and told him how to get his free books.
This gave me an idea. I want to show my gratefulness to God for these young people who defend their Southern/Southron heritage with courage by giving them any three Dixie Diarist titles in PDF for free. So: if you know a young man or woman (under 18) who has character and bravery in the face of hertiage haters, contact me at and tell me their story or pass a link to their news story and any contact info you may have (email is preferred or a Facebook user name) and if I can get in touch with them, I will email them any three titles from The Dixie Diarist for free. The requirements are: they are under 18,  they cannot have retaliated with hate or violence, they cannot have incited racial tensions by intentional or wonton design, I need to be able to contact them and their parents have to be okay with the gift.
Please share this with any pro-Southron family or person you know.
Here is a Thanksgiving gift for you:
Thank you for your bravery, Eddie! And thank you, for yours, HK!
View HK Edgerton in action here:
Happy Thanksgiving Day to All from The Dixie Diarist!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't Mess With Dixie

Don't mess with a boy from Dixie
Unless you plan to see
Southern ragin' fire
Burnin'up the hills...
-- from Don't Mess With Dixie by the Free South Band.

Every society has its downcast classes. Many times, the name of that group becomes synonymous with backwardness, idiocy, degeneracy and so forth. In America today, it is the Southern culture(s) that is (are) refered to this way. The allegedly cultured segment of society use terms like hillbilly, Redneck, Cracker as derogatory epithets. In fact, it has become so common, that social commentators like James Howard Kunstler make comments (refering to the Peak Oil concept) like:   "Dixieland is hopeless, what with their thrall to the born-agains and the misfortunes of their demographic (namely "Cracker Culture," which celebrates ignorance and violence)"; and (refering to a theorized emminant techno-economic collapse), "I remain pessimistic about Dixieland, which I think will be prone to violence and political disorder. In the longer run I believe it will become what it was before World War II: an agricultural backwater." The entire article, which is otherwise fairly interesting, can be read here: 

Now I feel that James Kunstler probably does not harbor hatred for the South, but he has tapped into a cultural stereotype that holds little truth in reality and by default, uses his position of influence in the larger culture to reinforce a terribly mistaken stereotype. Why does he get away with this? Because it's popular to denigrate the South. But if I were to denigrate Yankee ghetto dwellers as ignorant and backward, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be up in arms and I might discover that Al Sharpton wants to set up a new headquarters down the road from my home in order to force me to convert my opinion and decisions he disagrees with like he did to the Indianapolis Police Department recently.

There's a lot of secession talk in the air these days, and not just in the South. With the 150th Anniversary of South Carolina's secession and the wave of secession it created across the South for more than a year, this is no doubt going to be a bad 4-1/2 years for anyone who is pro-Southern. Sadly, there is no need for this. A little mutual respect and understanding goes a long way. But, alas, I do not believe this is going to happen. Indeed, if things get tense enough to turn aggressive, I believe that America will simply split up into several smaller, regional countries or autonomous areas. Hopefully, if that happens, I am back in Texas already!

To my fellow Southrons, I have this suggestion: as far as possible, be peaceable with your neighbors and strangers alike. Take the high moral ground and don't give in to Yankee meddlin' and tomfoolery. Don't hesitate to defend yourself, if accosted, but be peaceable as far as it lies within your power. Be the better man and stand united with your fellow Southrons and resist the tyrant the way the South always has: with the heart first and foremost.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Power of Song

We all know the Battle Hymn of the Republic, right? We all associate it -- and correctly -- with the War of Northern Aggression. We see it in a whole lot of church hymnals, but is it Christian? Why not go here to see another perspective:

Then there's some songs that are just too fun. Alabama has been pumping out the music for 30 years or more. Every album/LP/EP/Tape/CD they ever put out had top 10 hits and many were number ones. Yet for all their musical genius, they never gave in to PC-ism and never repudiated their roots. Here's a great video you can watch over on youtube:

As an Independent Sacramental Christian, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about my faith. One of the things that has often come to mind is the hymns that I sing. I used to love "In the Garden." But when I stopped to think about the content of the lyrics, I was astonished that I had ever sang it. There was no theological content whatever. It was entirely subjective and was nothing more than a feel-good "Jesus is my buddy" kind of song. There are others like it, but there are some that are full of solid biblical content, often quoting the Bible directly. Many of the Psalms have been rediscovered by modern composers as a source of inspiration.

In the same way, Southrons should take care of the music we sing. What you sing is something that you will come to accept as part of you and your world view. Songs with lyrics are so often artistic representations of our world-view and our sense of reality. As a Southron, I will not sing Yankee songs and mindlessly "patriotic" songs. When I hear Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA," I sing along, but I change the words to say, "God bless the CSA." I once parodied the Oak Ridge Boys with "Confederate Made." 

Just food for thought. Keep singing, but make it mean something. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take the War North

Hind sight is 20/20. We now know that Lee should never have taken the war to the North. Let's face it: Gettysburg was the beginning of the end; just a real bad choice all around. But was Jackson wrong as he lie on his death-bed in asking the message to be sent to Lee to take the war northward? Yes and no. Yes, in that it was a military decision of monumentous import that turned out poorly. But no, for another reason:

The Book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time and a season for everything under heaven. It was not the time to take the war north, nor was their manner of warfare the correct one. To wit: today is the time, and the war of words and cultural genocide against Southrons is the form of warfare. Now, where is it, precisely, that I am going with all this?

Here is my premise: for the last 150 years the South has been blamed for the unconstitutional war Abraham Lincoln thrust upon us. We have been brow beaten and hen-pecked at every turn for our backward, stubborn opposition to false union (and "progress") and our nostalgic views of "magnolia and moonlight." We have been beaten over the proverbial head most of all for our "Negro servitude," our "peculiar institution," or (dare I say it?!) just plain slavery of Blacks. Old news, I know, but I'm going somewhere with this.

For a few decades now, many people have been openly embracing Southern Nationalism as a philosophy of politics and we're just plain sick of the "meddlin' Yankees" dictating to the South how to live her own life culturally and politically. We are beat over the heads in newpapers, magazines, TV and radio and now the internet by carpetbaggers and scalawags who want us to change our ways and renounce our past, our ancestors and our heroes. Some of us, of late, have been hankerin' for a way to really get up in the face of those damned meddlin' Yankees and their scalawag turncoat friends. Now, in a small way, I have one:

The official name of Rhode Island: The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Ever hear it put that way in a school book or class room? Yeah, me neither, until recently. A Black legislator took it upon herself to be offended at her State's name (on behalf of everyone else everywhere, no doubt). I understand it was largely her doing that got a ballot measure put on the ballot to drop the second half of the State's name. After all, "Providence Plantations," can only be a terrible reminder of her State's role in the slave trade! That terrible word, "Plantations," can of course only mean a slave owner's farm, right? Here's the facts, folks, during the Colonial Period, Rhode Island ended slavery, but many of her ships brought thousands of "Slave Coast" war captives to our shores for sale in other colonies (later States). Rhode Island was among the foremost to flag vessels for this explicit reason. Here's another lesson: a "plantation" was simply an English term for a farm where cash crops are grown, usually on a large scale. I may be wrong here, but I believe hemp was the reason for the usage of the word "plantation," not the presence of slaves.

Ever wonder how many slave ships flew any of the three national flags of the Confederate States of America? Precisely zero. There were no slave ships ever to fly the Stars and Bars, the Stainless Banner or the Blood-stained Banner. Not one. The importation of slaves was banned from the get-go in the Southern Nation.

Yet how many times have you ever seen Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or their ilk protesting outside the Rhode Island governor's mansion or capital building?  Same exact number: zero, nada, no-never-not-once. Where is the indignation? Where are all the offended Blacks? (So far I know of only one!) Why hasn't Ta-Nehisi Coats been screaming about this one in his drivel-filled columns? He knows better than to believe the historical record when it says there were Blacks who volunteered for the Confederate Cause. Where's Al Sharpton? He hasn't been complaining too loudly. Has his racist rat-smelling nose even picked up this scent so close to home? Jesse Jackson has not seemed to notice, either, and by golly, he knows for sure that Civil Rights still don't exist for people of color. If the race-baiting crowd can't clean up their own houses and back yards, how dare they come down to Dixie by the bus load and protest and how dare they set up boycotts? They certainly aren't invited by Southrons of any color.

To the meddlin' Yankee invader: GO HOME! You're not welcome in Dixie and you're not wanted in Dixie. Southrons are proud of their heritage, the blight of that peculiar institution, notwithstanding. We love our land and we long for the day when the program of Southern Cultural cleansing will come at last to an end so we can get on with the business of being a free and sovereign nation again. And that has nothing to do with the colors of our skins. It has everything to do with our Southern culture and values.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Great Source of News and Commentary

If you haven't already subscribed, then you need to see this site:

This is a news and commentary newsletter for, by and about Southerners/Southrons and the world they live in. Chuck Demastus does a fabulous job creating and maintaining this wonderful site and keeping the content clean and safe for the whole family.

Now, those who should be most in favor of our freedoms, the Teas Parties of the various States have, it seems, forced all those with Confederate flags and uniforms out of their South Carolina meeting. Let me ask you this: If the Confederate soldier fought and died for freedom for hearth and home, who more suited to represent freedom against a tyrannical government gone amok? My message to the Tea Party there in South Carolina: Get yer heads outta yer 'hinder-parts' and locate some shampoo quickly before anyone figures out that yer just Republicans without a convention!