Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Great Source of News and Commentary

If you haven't already subscribed, then you need to see this site:

This is a news and commentary newsletter for, by and about Southerners/Southrons and the world they live in. Chuck Demastus does a fabulous job creating and maintaining this wonderful site and keeping the content clean and safe for the whole family.

Now, those who should be most in favor of our freedoms, the Teas Parties of the various States have, it seems, forced all those with Confederate flags and uniforms out of their South Carolina meeting. Let me ask you this: If the Confederate soldier fought and died for freedom for hearth and home, who more suited to represent freedom against a tyrannical government gone amok? My message to the Tea Party there in South Carolina: Get yer heads outta yer 'hinder-parts' and locate some shampoo quickly before anyone figures out that yer just Republicans without a convention!

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