Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Secession Day!

Today in history: 1860: South Carolina becomes the First in Secession! The brave men and women of the South took the first bold, brave step in shaking off the shackles of tyranny. It was fitting to have South Carolina take the lead. Her motto is Sic Semper Tyrannus, Thus Ever to Tyrants!

Take a few minutes today to visit in your hearts and minds the memories of those  valiant men and women who gave some or all in the Second War of Independence. Then take a few minutes to thank God that such people are around and for the actual sacrifices of those valiant men and women of days gone by. As the Sesquicentinennial of the War Between the States officially begins, expect hatred of Southrons to begin anew. Expect professional leftists and hate mongers and race baiters to come out of the woodwork.

There's great news though: Incoming congressmen have signed on to a public statement telling the SPLC that you are the real hatemongers:

More good news: For those lovers of all things Celtic, has given me a promo code for you to get William Butler Yeats' The Celtic Twighlight for 15% off at checkout: RESOLUTION305. The code is good through January 5, 2011.

Finally, here is a little Southron levity. There truly was a time when we could laugh at each other. Check out this link:

Deo Vindice et Sic Semper Tyrannus!

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