Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let's Get This Ball Rolling

I have, for years now, resisted both blogging and social networking. I truly hate fads and I have a relative by marriage that was once constantly trying to get me to join this or that site. I had no interest in it and wanted no part of it.

Alas, I really have to step into the realities of the 21st Century. Blogging and social networking sites are seriously important ways to communicate with potential customers, to make friends, and learn about the world around us. So, in that light, here is my first contribution to blogging: my notice of the release of my first three youtube slide show videos.

The first one was Free South Band's "Toast to Dixie." I liked the song a whole lot when I bought their Free South Project CD a few years past. Then one day, I was standing in the liquor aisle of the grocery store where my wife worked looking for a bottle of whiskey when I noticed that several of the songs lyrics were, in fact, on the bottles' labels! This is a fun song and I think you might enjoy it, too:

The second one is from T. Warren and the Border Ruffians. It's called "Border Ruffians." This song immortalizes those hearty and brave souls who joined the Partisan Ranger Corps of the Confederate Army or who joined various guerilla commands. They lived off the land as they went, or took in donated goods, food, or services like horse shoeing and sewing from the sympathetic locals. Where I grew up in Jackson and Clay Counties in Missouri, Colonel William Clarke Quantrill and Colonel Upton Hayes are remembered as heroes, not as ego-maniacal killers as the winner's history would have you believe. Here is their tribute:

Finally, there are those of us who are willing, but not terribly able to do much for our beloved Southland. Sadly some of us are not willing for fear of our enemies. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who really can -- and do -- do much to preserve our Southern Heritage. Ray McBerry of Dixie Broadcasting (, T. Warren of Border Ruffians fame (, the Free South Band, Chuck Demastus of Southern Heritage News and Views (, and let's not forget H.K. Edgerton at There are so many who deserve mention, as well, but space and time prohibit the mention of more than a few. This third video was set to the tune of the Rebelaires' "For the Cause," because these and so many others have given themselves and their time and effort "for the Cause." Here's the link:

With this, I will end my first ever blog post! Until next time, Deo Vindice!

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